Aakraman - war literature of India

The battle of ten kings and Rishi Vishvamitra is the earliest Indian writing on war, written in the hymns of Rig Ved. Since then every Indian state and language has produced detailed accounts of kingdoms, warriors, war strategy and weapons. From Rigved, mahabharat, Peshwa Baji Rao to Kargil, explore the collection at Samay Yaan.

Preet - love stories of India

Love theme features across languages in Indian Literature. Shakuntala, Love Songs of Tagore, Guide by R.K. Narayan, Radha-Madhavam by Telugu poet Jayadeva. The Legends of Pensam- the story of a young woman who falls in love with a man from a different tribe. Explore,

Vedic - Scriptures, translations and commentaries

From multiple translations of Vedas to commentaries on Upanishad, fiction based on Vedic times and the complete collection of Ayurved texts in multiple languages can be explored at Samay Yaan. One can also request the company of a vedic scholar for ease of understanding.

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Bachpan - Indian stories for children

Panchtantra, Hitopadesh, Jataka, The Legend of king Mahabali, stories of Tenali Raman, ek aadmi jo ghadi nahin pehanta tha, titli and many more old and new children’s tales dot the shelves of Samay Yaan.

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Rajmehal - stories of Indian Kings and Queens

Explore Rajmehal with the story of Rani Rudramadevi, the first women ruler to have ascended the throne in south India. Tanjore Quartet, 18th century group of musicians patronized by Maratha Kings. Bani Thani, a poem written by the Rajasthani poet Keshavdas on the life of Raja Sawant Singh of Kishangarh and his love for his mistress Bani Thani and many more.

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Jungle - Knowledge of trees, tribes and animals

Read about The Nagas of Nagaland, The Santhals of West Bengal, The Gonds of Madhyapradesh, The Worlis of Maharastra, Jungles of Satpura, Tigers and Snakes and explore the hidden jewels of India’s Natural Heritage.

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Yatra - Indian Travel stories

Around India in 80 trains, City of Djinns, The Great Railway Bazaar, Indica by Megasthenes, Kitab-i-yatra by Alberuni. Travel writers show us India differently. See Bharat through their eyes in the Yatra- travelogues section of Samay Yaan.

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Katha - Indian novels from last 500 years

Godan, Nirmala, Paradheen Gujarat, Read the classics from several Indian writers, collected at one place. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Kashmiri, Bengali, Gujarati, Odia, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, one can find translated classics from different languages in Hindi and English at Samay Yaan.

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Kisse - short stories from different states of India

India lives in its stories, explore stories from different states of India, some known, some lesser known. Tesri Kasam, Nai Kahaniyan, Katha Sagar, traditional stories from the heartland of India. Explore short story genre at Samay Yaan.

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Indian Art & Architecture

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Indian History

Know about the True Indian History Written by contemporary and old historians.

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Temple Architecture

Books available on Indian Architecture, Vastu Vidhya & Marvellous temple architecture.